Keystone Martial Arts

10 Oct 2019
By Bernie Mullane Sports Complex
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Keystone has strong links to both traditional & contemporary martial arts. At Keystone we teach the Northstar Jujitsu (NJJ) system of Martial Arts which is a powerful, easy to learn self-defence system suitable for men & women of all ages and children from 5 years of age.
NJJ combines elements from various martial arts including Taekwondo, Jujitsu, kickboxing, Judo and Aikido into a blended system that gives students the advantage they need to protect themselves in virtually any situation.

At Keystone we aim to breakdown the myth and stigmas that are associated with martial arts and make the arts available to everyone. We will make your training experience enjoyable, safe and guarantee that even after the first class you will go home having learnt effective self-defence technique combined with street awareness. As you continue to train your confidence and fitness will grow. You will feel energized and empowered. As these positive benefits flow into all aspects of your everyday life you will start to set your sights on goals that you may have previously thought to be out of your reach and we will be there to help you 'Realise Your Potential'.

We welcome and encourage all people from every walk of life to come and join in the experience.

Our commitment to you, our students is to remain progressive and continue to develop our systems thus giving our students the advantage they need to handle almost anything that life throws at them.

The founder and head instructor of Keystone Martial Arts is Joe Bracks. With over 25 years' experience in martial arts, Joe holds Dan grades (black belts) or equivalents in Northstar Jujitsu - 3rd Dan (Shinbudo), Zen Do Kai Freestyle Karate, BJC Muay Thai Kickboxing, Taekwondo and in 2010 Joe was awarded his 3rd Dan in Japan by the International Budo Jujitsu Federation (IBJ). Keystone is an active member of the Australian Jujitsu Federation (AJF) and Joe is currently the AJF'S NSW rep.

Our trainers are registered and government accredited NCAS coaches (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme) and have undergone Working With Children checks.

Mission Statement
'Our mission is to teach an effective self-defence and fitness system, suitable for everyone, that improves our student's quality of life and empowers them to achieve goals they never thought possible'

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