STATEMENT | 3 June 2021

Thank-you for your support and understanding during the Bernie Mullane Indoor Stadium shutdown.

Stage 1 of our works is now completed, with the indoor sports courts refurbishment now completed. Stage 2 is still underway with refurbishment to the office, gym and café still to be completed. We thank you all for your patience and understanding as we pushed through the final building works to get the court area ready for play. Please note, works continue in other areas of the facility and only the entry foyer, toilets and court area will be accessible to the public for the next few weeks.

Bernie Mullane is a multi-purpose indoor/outdoor facility owned by The Hills Shire Council including soccer fields, netball courts and tennis courts as well as a playground, walking tracks and a dog park. Parking is shared amongst all these activities so please arrive early to leave adequate time to park. While the basketball courts are ready to go, we continue to work hard to finish the Gymnasium and Café. In the meantime there will be a vending machine available on site for drinks.

Thanks again for your patience during this time and we hope you enjoy being among the first ever participants to utilise the upgraded facility.