The BNSW Daughters & Dads program is aimed at young girls aged 5-12-years-old and who are new to basketball. These sessions will be held at Bernie Mullane Indoor Sports Complex on Sunday’s – 4/6/2023 – 2/7/2023. (except 11/6) 11:00 – 12:30 pm.

Daughters & Dads Basketball has been designed to address barriers to girls’ participation in basketball by providing:

  • Intensive coaching and skills practice for girls with dads as their ‘personal’ coaches.
  • Girls with the knowledge of the game.
  • Fathers with key parenting and coaching skills to improve their daughters’ skills and engagement in basketball.
  • An evidence-based program that targets girls’ social-emotional skills (e.g., resilience, persistence, bravery).
  • Strategies to empower girls to be aware of gender prejudice and overcome barriers using critical thinking and the support of their dads.
  • An innovative home program that targets social-emotional skills, father-daughter bonding, basketball skills practice and a host of engaging and educational basketball-related activities.