STATEMENT | 24 February 2021

Hills Basketball Association (HBA) is excited to commence operation of the Bernie Mullane Sports Complex (BMSC), which will include the indoor courts, gym, cafe and netball courts. Shortly after our agreement commences on 8 March 2021, HBA will undertake works to refurbish the indoor courts, expand the gym and reconfigure the foyer. Works to upgrade the café and resurface the netball courts are also scheduled down the track.

The work on the indoor courts will result in a significant upgrade to the playing area and make the space suitable for wheelchair sports. It includes a new timber sports floor and top-quality glass backboards. Initial works will also incorporate the reconfiguration of the foyer and a substantial increase to the gym area. Later works will include the development of a café to service the wider community and the resurfacing of the netball courts with a synthetic, all weather overlay.
HBA is continuing to work through the details of the upgrade with The Hills Shire Council and a final timetable will be communicated at the earliest opportunity. It is envisaged that the initial work will take 4 – 6 weeks.

While Basketball will form a significant part of the program at BMSC, we look forward to sharing the facility with other community organisations and continuing an involvement in a variety of sports and leisure activities. Should you require information regarding bookings please contact

For all other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Steve Burke via